Job Description for Library staff

JOB DESCRIPTION for Library Staff



Duties and Responsibilities

Know opening and closing procedures for Library.



Pick up mail if you are the only one on duty that day. Each staff member has a key to open front door. turn ‘Open Sign” around. Turn on Lights, and put out flag if weather permits. Flip the switch to turn on the Internet. Open mail and place in the green mail box. Adjust the thermostat to appropriate temperature.


Daily list of thing to be done:


1. Cordially greet each person who enters the Library


2. Check in all returned books/ Put away all returned books


3. Assist patrons in locating materials as in online catalog, printed indexes, dictionary,      encyclopedia, maps , etc.


4. Know how to help patron access the internet on the public computer


5. Know how to operate and use library equipment: Copier, Microfilm readier, computer etc.


6. Know basic circulation procedures.


7. Add new patrons to patron list.


8. Answer phone: take pertinent messages.

leave notes for other staff member and Initial ALL notes.


9. Maintain condition of library materials


10. Check ILL for ILL request / process those request if any


11. Process any books that are in “Needs Processed↓” location behind desk on shelf

barcode, type spine labels, due date slips. stamp books with Library stamp, put book     jackets on if needed, and write down in spiral note book kept in top desk drawer.


  1. Dust if nothing to do Saturday is a good day to do this

Take trash out if needed and put can out by alley on Wednesday if you are  working.


13. Maintain Neat appearance of Library Tables neat as possible, vacuum floor, help with

keeping bathroom clean.


14. Help Director with any special events such as Open house, Story Time, Summer   Reading Programs.




Shut down all computers, Turn off Internet at switch. (if storming or storms  predicted turn off  switch in the backroom and Unplug staff computers)

Adjust thermostat back down to previous setting.

Winter Shut bathroom door while library is Closed.

Make sure Back Door is Locked

Turn off all lights

Take down Flag

Change “Will Return” clock and flip over also flip Closed/Open signs in windows

Lock Front Door



** NOTICE***


Employees must not bring their under school aged children to work. The ONLY exception being Story time/Summer Reading Programs and are NOT interfering with work duties.











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