Service Policy

Service Policy
I. Respect for human Diversity

The North Lyon county Library District #1 maintains a policy for appreciation of and respect for human diversity which may characterize the people we serve and the people with whom we work.
Library employees will respect differences in race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, and any other characteristic of human diversity.

II. Library Lending

In order to make materials available to all persons on an equal basis, the North Lyon County Library District #1 Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy for the circulation of library materials:

A. Who May Borrow
All libraries that are members of the North Central Kansas Library System have agreed to allow anyone in the regional system to use their library without charge. Charges made by other libraries for films, interlibrary loan, etc. will be passed on to the user. Residents or property owners in the area are entitled to a free library card by completing a written application form. Any card holder may check out circulating materials on presentation of their library card. If a person does not have their card with them at the time of checkout the person must have identification. The Kansas State Library Card and the North Central Kansas Library System Card will be honored.

B. Number of Items Borrowed
There is no limit on the number of fiction or nonfiction items that may be borrowed by an individual. Rare or historically valuable books will not circulate.

C. Length of Loan Periods
Material are loaned for three weeks. The exceptions are interlibrary loan titles which depends upon the lending library and reference books which depends on the circumstances.

D. Renewals
Renewals may be made in person or over the telephone. All materials may be renewed one time after the initial check out.

E. Use of Equipment
The copier is available for public use at .25 cents a page for black copies an .30 cents a page for color copies. Assistance will be offered by the librarian. Fax use is a $2.00 a fax.

F. Fines
A charge of .05 cents a day is due on overdue material checked out with card and or barcode.

G. Lost or Damaged Materials
Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out and are liable for the damages which may occur to library materials.

III. Service Hours

A. Daily
Monday 10 am-noon 4 pm-6 pm
Tuesday 9 am-noon
Wednesday 9pm-noon
Thursday 9am-noon
Friday 9am-noon
Saturday 10am-2pm

B. Holidays and Closings
The library will be closed for the following holidays:
New Years Day January 1
Martin Luther King Day 3rd Monday in January
President’s Day 3rd Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day First Monday in September
Veteran’s Day November 11
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
Christmas Eve December 24th
Christmas Day December 25th
New Years Eve December 31st
IV. Library Services

A. Reference
Reference service will be provided by maintaining a core collection of reference materials and by using the Kansas Library Catalog. Reference service will be offered via telephone, email, or direct contact with the patron. This service is available to individuals and groups. In supplying reference information, if answers are not found from the above sources, referral may be made to appropriate organizations of agencies.

B. Children’s services
Special services for children include, but are not limited to:
Summer Reading Program, Preschool story times, and special events.

C. Services to Groups an Organizations
The Library will actively assist civil, cultural, and educational organizations in locating and using materials for planning programs, for conducting projects, and for furthering the education of patrons.

D. System Membership
The North Lyon County Library District #1 is a member of the North Central Kansas Library System and adheres to the policies and by-laws of that organization. The Library participates actively in the programs and services offered. The Board of Trustees of the Library appoints a System Representative according to the System’s by-laws to represent our library.

E. Outreach
The Library staff or volunteers organized by the staff will deliver and pick up materials to patrons who are homebound or are unable to come to the Library temporarily.

F. Cooperation with Other Libraries
In addition to the North Lyon County District #1’s membership with the North Central Kansas Library System, the Board of Trustees and the Director will be alert to opportunities of cooperation with other libraries to strengthen the services and resources of the library.
V. General Services

A. Use of Meeting Room
The North Lyon County Library District #1 welcomes the use of its meeting room for activities of a civic, cultural, or educational nature and for the discussion of current public questions. The meeting room is available to nonprofit organizations regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of their members. Duly constituted continuing political groups may use the room but temporary committees for the advancement of an individual’s success in a political campaign shall be denied such use. Library-oriented programs will be given preference for use of the room. It is understood that all meetings held will be open to the public should anyone wish to attend. Profit making organizations are not eligible to schedule the meeting room.

1. No admission fee may be charged, nor a collection be taken. The only exceptions are in the case of paid registration at conferences or institutes, held in cooperative with the Library or payment of fees for regularly scheduled education courses sponsored by nonprofit organizations.
2. No product may be sold, except in payment for materials required for educational group discussion use.
3. Any printed materials or displays used by the organization must be approved by the Director.
4. Light refreshments excluding alcoholic beverages may be served but organizations are required to provide their own utensils.
5. Organizations requiring audiovisual equipment will make their own arrangements; the Library does not provide these.
6. The organization will be responsible for setting up the rooms according to its own needs. The Library staff will bear no responsibility. The organization or group using the room must restore the furniture and room to the order in which it was found.
7. All publicity (e.g. posters, brochures, throw-aways, radio, or TV announcements) must carry the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting. The Library may not be identified as sponsor.
8. Neither name nor address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of the organization.
9. Youth organizations using the meeting room must have one adult (over 21) present at all times.
10. If a meeting is canceled the Director should be notified as soon as possible.
11. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
12. No program from the Library may be broadcast or televised without the permission of the Director.
13. The scheduling of the meeting room during hours when the library is not opened to the public is not allowed after 5:00 pm Monday-Saturday.
14. No smoking is permitted in the meeting room or any place in the Library.
15. If a hearing-impaired person requests at least one week in advance, the group or organization using the meeting room must provide a signer of interpreter.
16. No group or organization using the meeting room will discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or handicapped status in the provision of service.
17. Exceptions to these policies are possible only by permission of the North Lyon County Library District #1 Board of Trustees.

Two copies of the above policy on The Use of the Meeting Room must be signed by each person reserving the meeting room. One copy will be kept on file by the Library and the other copy will be given to the patron.

B. Public Relations Policy
The public must work for a two-way communication with the community. It is a responsibility of the Library whose constituency is all the people, to notify them of services that are available. The Library is also responsible for designing its services to meet the community’s needs.
Library trustees, the public, and the library staff should be involved with better communication between the library and the community and each has a role to play in developing and maintaining good public relations. All Library Staff can exercise creativity in promoting the public library. Each employee is a public relations officer. Each trustee should be willing to support programs to promote library service. The trustees an librarian must assume responsibility for developing and writing the public relations policy.
In recognition of the North Lyon County Library District #1’s responsibility to maintain continuing communication with present and potential users of the library’s services and resources so as to assure effective and maximum usage by all citizens. The Board of Trustees of the library adopts the following resolution as a matter of policy.

The Objectives of the library’s public relations program are:
To promote community awareness of library services
To Stimulate public interest in and usage of the library
To develop public understanding and support of the library and its role in the community
C. Americans with Disabilities Compliance
1. The North Lyon County Library District #1 adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Kansas Act Against Discrimination (PL 101-336), The Kansas Act Against Discrimination (K.S.A. 44-1001ff) and amendments thereto.
2. Qualified individuals are those individuals with disabilities as defined by the ADA.
3. Services, programs, and activities shall be provided in such a manner that qualified individuals can participate in them and/or derive benefit from them, provided that accommodation does not result in a fundamental alteration of the service or constitute an undue burden on the library. Service animals are allowed in the Library.
4. The library does not discriminate against qualified individuals in hiring, promotion, retention, compensation, job training, or other employment practices.

D. Copyright Compliance
The North Lyon County Library District #1 adheres to the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17 of the United States Code). No copy is made with any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage for the library; copies are made on a cost recovery basis only. Library employees do not copy materials which under federal law cannot be copied, or which the copyright holder has specifically prohibited from being copied, except where Fair Use Doctrine applies. The library does not make multiple copies of copyrighted documents for a single user. The Library provides notice of copyright as required by law. Library employees are trained to operate within the parameters of the Copyright Act and to provide public assistance within the Fair Use Doctrine, which provides that, not withstanding the exclusive rights of the copyright owner. The fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research is not an infringement of copyright. Factors to be considered in determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use include: whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes, the nature of the copyrighted work, the amount and substantially of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. The Fair Use Doctrine applies to the electronic as well as the print environment.

1. Any copy made at the request of a patron will become the property of the patron, with any charges made only for recovery of both direct and indirect library costs. Copies not retained by the patron are destroyed. Copies are made only at the request of a patron and not in anticipation of such need. The Library’s use of clippings to create Vertical Files does not fall within purview of the Copyright Act.
2. Library employees will refuse to make copies for patrons whom they discover to be violating the Fair Use Doctrine, I.e., copying for commercial purposes or in a systematic manner, because of the substantiality of the material that the patron proposes to copy, or because the amount of systematic nature of the patron’s copying of certain material would obviously impact the market for that material. Library employees who know that a patron is violating the Copyright Act by making copies in an unauthorized way are to request that the patron stop. If the patron refuses to stop, the librarian may suspend the patron’s privileges to use the library.
3. Music, audio, and video recordings are never copied. Copyrighted sheet music is never copied or faxed.

VI. Patron Behavior

A. General behavior

Shoes and shirts must be worn.
Privileges may be limited for the following reasons:

1. Damaging library property
2. Stealing library materials
3. Physically harming staff or patron
4. Behavior disruptive to the use of the library by other patrons
5. Habitually don’t return materials

B. activities not Allowed in the Library
1. Eating or drinking except special events
2. Playing of audio equipment so that it disturbs others.
3. Smoking
4. Carrying a weapon into the Library unless authorized by law.
Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify library staff.
5. Bringing animals into the Library except those needed to assist a patron with a
Disability or for the use in a library sponsored program that has been authorized by
the Director.
6. Misusing or defacing the restroom.

C. Unattended Children
1. Parents and others responsible for children may not leave children age 6 and under unattended in any area of the library. Parents and adults accompanying children are responsible for their children’s behavior and safety while in the library.
2. Must Pick Up after their children and keep away from staff areas.
3. Staff will request that parents and others responsible for children not leave a child 6 years of age or under unattended in the library.
4. Staff will not agree to “ keep an eye on…” a child nor will staff allow a parent to order a child to remain in the library unattended.
5. If staff becomes aware of children habitually left unattended in the library they will when possible contact the parents in person or by telephone.
6. Staff will immediately report to the person in charge any incident involving an unattended child in the library.
7. Staff will call the police and also notify the person in charge immediately if she/he thinks the safety or wellbeing of any child in the library is in jeopardy.

Movie Policy

The staff of Lyon County Library District #1


Check out DVD’s which are rated R to

Anyone under 18 years of age.

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